No-Cooling Do-It Yourself Checklist

If your air conditioner does not cool, or does not come on,
checking the following could save you the price of a service call


Circuit Breaker

Check the circuit breaker – The outdoor unit of your air conditioner has a 220 volt circuit breaker (or pair of fuses) in your electrical panel and/or in a panel outside adjacent to the outdoor unit. Be sure that this breaker is set to “on” (if you have fuses, remove them carefully and have them checked at your friendly local hardware store)
check-o! Clean Filters
Check for dirty filters – a dirty filter will not only keep the air from circulating through your home properly, it can slow down the blower motor, causing it to wear out prematurely. Slow airflow caused by a dirty filter can also cause a freeze-up on the evaporator coil within the furnace’s plenum.
check-o! Thermostat
The thermostat – is the heat/cool switch set to “cool”? Set the thermostat to the temperature you’d like to have your house.  Is the thermostat set to a number BELOW the current room temperature?
check-o! Batteries
Have you changed the thermostat’s batteries within the past year? Most modern digital thermostats are powered by batteries, which last about a year.
check-o! Timing Circuitry
Be aware – air conditioner systems usually have timing circuitry.  This keeps the compressor from being damaged by too many “on-off” changes, which can cause part failure.  So, if you change a setting, for example, the thermostat temperature setting, or turning a component on or off, the system may not react for up to 10 minutes.
check-o! The Switch
The switch on the side of the furnace – looks like a light switch – should be set to “on”  (which, if installed properly, points “up” when “on”.)
check-o! Blower Safety Switch
The furnace blower has a spring switch that is pushed in when the door is properly in place.  It’s similar in appearance and function to the light switch operated by your refrigerator door.  If the blower panel is not in place to properly hold down this switch, neither the air conditioner nor furnace will be able to operate.
check-o! Ice Blockage
If your system is not cooling as much as it normally does, and the air is not blowing out of the registers as strong as it usually does, there is a chance that your evaporator coil has frozen up down inside your furnace.  For more details on this type of ice blockage, and how you can sometimes reverse and prevent this blockage, click here,
If you’ve tried all of these steps and your air conditioner is still not cooling your home, call us.  We’ll be glad to go over the procedures with you, and, if nothing else can be done, we can schedule a service technician to come out to your house and get you going. Call 24-hours:  414/778-4190
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